Wood holds

Our holds are CNC machined from the highest quality sustainably sourced Birch plywood.

Hand finished and topped off with a highly durable 'dual texture' finish, these holds are truly one of a kind!

To order holds, more information or shipping information, please contact us at


Straight Edge XS

Straight Edge S

Straight Edge M

Straight Edge L

Straight Edge XL

Convex edge XS

Convex edge S

Convex edge M

Convex edge L

Convex edge XL

Concave edge XS

Concave edge S

Concave M

Concave edge L

Concave edge XL

Sloper ball S

Sloper ball M

Sloper ball L

Incut ball S

Incut ball M

Incut ball L

Egg S

Egg M

Egg L

Basic pinch